The currentColor CSS keyword

CSS, Visual · Nov 30, 2022

Modern CSS supports custom properties, yet the currentColor keyword precedes them by a few years. Thus, you might still find it in the wild and it is worth knowing what it does and how it works.

<p>My <span>background</span> is the same color as my <a href="#">text</a>.</p>
p {
  color: #101010;

p, p > * {
  background-color: currentColor;

a {
  color: #0077ff;

span {
  color: #fd203a;

currentColor contains the current value of the color property of the element. It is useful when you want to use the same color for multiple properties, such as border-color or background-color. It also respects the cascade, so if no value is provided for color, it will use the value of the color property of the parent element.

Written by Angelos Chalaris

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