Tip: Select any link with CSS

CSS, Visual, Interactivity · Mar 6, 2022

Styling links with CSS is considered straightforward, with most developers using the :link and :visited pseudo-classes. While this solution is very common, there's a less verbose alternative in the form of the :any-link pseudo-class. This pseudo-class selects all links, regardless of whether they have been visited or not. Thus, it acts as a catch-all for all links on the page.

:any-link {
  color: #0444f6;

One important note is that using :any-link is different to using the [href] attribute selector. The :any-link pseudo-class does not select empty links, whereas the [href] attribute selector does.

Written by Angelos Chalaris

I'm Angelos Chalaris, a JavaScript software engineer, based in Athens, Greece. The best snippets from my coding adventures are published here to help others learn to code.

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