What does the double negation operator do in JavaScript?

Angelos Chalaris · JavaScript, Function · Jul 26, 2022

JavaScript's negation operator (!) is a unary operator, used to invert the truth value of its operand. When used twice, known as the double negation operator (!!), it can be used to convert a value to a boolean.

const x = 1;
const y = null;

!!x; // true
!!y; // false

Using the double negation operator is functionally equivalent to using the Boolean() function, which we explored in depth in a previous article. In terms of readability and usability, I would still suggest using the Boolean() function. It conveys the intent of the operation more clearly, and it's easier to understand at a glance.

const x = 1;
const y = null;

Boolean(x); // true
Boolean(y); // false

const values = [0, 0, 2, 0, 3];
// Kinda readable, but not great
values.filter(x => !!x); // [2, 3]
// Arguably more readable
values.filter(Boolean); // [2, 3]

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