7 essential Chrome extensions for web developers

Angelos Chalaris · Mar 18, 2020 ·

Devtools, Webdev

Google Chrome's developer tools are nothing short of amazing, but there are a few missing tools that can increase your productivity even further. Here are my personal favorite extensions that I use everyday:

  1. CSS Peeper

    CSS Peeper is an all-in-one tool for CSS inspection that allows you to quickly peek at the styles, fonts, color palettes and assets of any website you want.

  2. React Developer Tools

    React Developer Tools is the de facto extension when working with React, providing all the necessary inspection tools for your React applications.

  3. LastPass

    LastPass keeps your accounts and API keys secure, by providing a free password manager complete with password generation and password-protected notes.

  4. uBlock Origin

    uBlock Origin is a simple yet effective ad blocker extension that you can just install and forget about, as it keeps your browsing experience ad-free.

  5. VisBug

    VisBug allows you to tweak website designs on the fly, using very intuitive controls and tools, without having to delve into any code at all.

  6. JSON Viewer

    JSON Viewer provides some much needed syntax highlighting and style customization to JSON responses, which are nowadays very commonplace in most web APIs.

  7. EditThisCookie

    EditThisCookie is a powerful cookie manager extension, that allows you to add, delete, edit and even export and import cookies quickly and efficiently.

Image credit: Fotis Fotopoulos on Unsplash

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