Snippet Collections

30 seconds of code provides a wide variety of snippet and article collections for all your development needs. Explore individual language collections or browse through collections about specific topics and programming concepts.

  • JavaScript Array Tricks

    Snippet collection

    Learn a handful of awesome tips and tricks that you can leverage in your code to make array manipulation a breeze.

  • JavaScript Comparison

    Snippet collection

    Comparing values in JavaScript is one of the most common tasks, yet it has a lot of things you should bear in mind.

  • React Testing

    Snippet collection

    Learn some of the basics of testing React components in various scenarios using React Testing Library.

  • CSS Hover Effects

    Snippet collection

    A collection of cool CSS hover effects to spice up your next web project.

  • JavaScript generator functions are a more advanced yet very powerful JavaScript ES6 feature, which you can start using in your code right now.

  • React Components

    Snippet collection

    Discover a collection of reusable function components for React 16.

  • Cheatsheets

    Snippet collection

    A collection of cheatsheets to bookmark and come back to whenever you need to look up anything.