CSS Snippets

The CSS snippet collection contains utilities and interactive examples for CSS3. It includes modern techniques for creating commonly-used layouts, styling and animating elements, as well as snippets for handling user interactions.

  • Triangle

    Creates a triangular shape with pure CSS.

    CSS, Visual · Oct 13, 2021

  • Gradient text

    Gives text a gradient color.

    CSS, Visual · Dec 30, 2020

  • Hide empty elements

    Hides elements with no content.

    CSS, Visual · Nov 18, 2022

  • Reset all styles

    Resets all styles to default values using only one property.

    CSS, Visual · Dec 30, 2020

  • Stylized quotation marks

    Customizes the style of inline quotation marks.

    CSS, Visual · May 16, 2021

  • CSS units Cheat Sheet

    Learn everything you need to know about CSS units with this handy cheatsheet.

    CSS, Layout · Jun 12, 2021