Frequently asked questions and answers.

I found a bug, typo or omission. Where can I report it?

Any content issues should be reported using the GitHub Issue Tracker for each individual content repository. Use the GitHub link on the snippet page to find the appropriate repository and then open an issue describing the problem.

Who can contribute to 30 seconds of code?

There are no specific requirements for contributing to 30 seconds of code, except for reading and understanding our contribution guidelines. These can be found on each individual repository, while some more general guidelines can be found here.

Note, however, that contributions to 30 seconds of code might be locked temporarily due to scheduled maintenance or heavy load of content curation. This ensures that all contributions are processed in time and that no significant disruptions occur.

I have a snippet idea. Where can I contribute?

You can go to the 30 seconds of code organization on GitHub and find the appropriate repository. After reading the contribution guidelines, you can use the relevant template to create your snippet and submit a Pull Request for review.