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Git aliases

Creating aliases

Use the command below to create aliases, replacing <alias> with the name of the alias and <command> with the command to be aliased:

git config --global alias.<alias> <command>

Additionally, you can use edit the configuration file and add many aliases all at once.

Useful aliases

  co = checkout
  cob = checkout -b
  coo = !git fetch && git checkout
  br = branch
  brd = branch -d
  st = status
  aa = add -A .
  unstage = reset --soft HEAD^
  cm = commit -m
  amend = commit --amend -m
  fix = commit --fixup
  undo = reset HEAD~1
  rv = revert
  cp = cherry-pick
  pu = !git push origin `git branch --show-current`
  fush = push -f
  mg = merge --no-ff
  rb = rebase
  rbc = rebase --continue
  rba = rebase --abort
  rbs = rebase --skip
  rom = !git fetch && git rebase -i origin/master --autosquash
  save = stash push
  pop = stash pop
  apply = stash apply
  rl = reflog

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