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Add a Git commit message template

Git has a ton of hidden or lesser-known features that can make your life easier. One such feature is the ability to set up a commit message template for your repository. This can be useful if you want your team to follow a common format for commit messages.

Using git config commit.template <file>, you can specify a file that contains the commit message template for the current repository. This way, every time you commit changes, Git will open a copy of the template in your text editor, making it easier for you to follow the commit message format.

# Usage: git config commit.template <file>

git config commit.template "commit-template"
# Sets "commit-template" as the commit message template

If, for example your team is following the Conventional Commits format, you can create a template file, named commit-template at the root of your repository, and use it as the commit message template.

# <type>[optional scope]: <description>
#  feat: add new feature
#  fix: bug fix
#  Append a `!` to indicate a breaking change

# [optional body]

# [optional footer(s)]
#  BREAKING CHANGE: introduce breaking change

# Specification:
git config commit.template "commit-template"
# Sets the above "commit-template" as the commit message template

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