Delete a submodule

Angelos Chalaris · Git, Repository, Submodule · Apr 13, 2021

Deletes a submodule from the repository.

  • Use git submodule deinit -f -- <submodule> to unregister the specified <submodule>.
  • Use rm -rf .git/modules/<submodule> to remove the directory of the submodule.
  • Use git rm -f <submodule> to remove the working tree of the submodule.
git submodule deinit -f -- <submodule>
rm -rf .git/modules/<submodule>
git rm -f <submodule>
git submodule deinit -f -- 30code
rm -rf .git/modules/30code
git rm -f 30code
# Removes the `30code` submodule

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