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Configure Git's line endings

If you're working with a team that uses different operating systems, you might run into issues with line endings. Windows uses a different line ending (\r\n) compared to UNIX systems (\n). This can cause problems when sharing files between different systems.

Luckily, Git provides a way to configure line endings for a repository. By setting the core.eol configuration, you can specify whether to use UNIX (\n) or DOS (\r\n) line endings in your repository.

You can simply run git config core.eol [lf | crlf] to configure the line endings for your repository. lf stands for UNIX line endings, while crlf stands for DOS line endings.

# Usage: git config core.eol [lf | crlf]

git config core.eol lf
# Configures to use UNIX line endings

git config core.eol crlf
# Configures to use DOS line endings

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