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List all Git aliases

Setting up Git aliases can be a great way to save time and make your workflow more efficient. However, if you've set up a lot of aliases, it can be hard to remember what they all are. Luckily, you can easily list them using the git config command.

💡 Tip

I've compiled a list of the most useful Git aliases, as well as a guide on how to set them up, which might come in handy.

In order to print all your aliases, you'll first have to use git config -l to list all variables set in the configuration file. In order to filter the output and only keep aliases, you can pipe the output (|) to grep alias. Finally, you can use sed 's/^alias\.//g' to remove the alias. part from each alias.

# Syntax: git config -l | grep alias | sed 's/^alias\.//g'

# Examples
git config -l | grep alias | sed 's/^alias\.//g'
# st=status
# co=checkout
# rb=rebase

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