Manually find the commit that introduced a bug

Angelos Chalaris · Git, Commit, Branch · Apr 13, 2021

Uses a binary search algorithm to manually find which commit in history introduced a bug.

  • Use git bisect start to start the process.
  • Use git bisect good <commit> to mark a <commit> as "good", indicating it is known to be bug-free.
  • Use git bisect bad <commit> to mark a different <commit> as "bad" indicating it has the bug.
  • Use git bisect (bad | good) marking each subsequent commit as "good" or "bad" depending if it has the bug or not.
  • Use git bisect reset to reset to the original branch. You can optionally specify a <commit> to reset to.
git bisect start
git bisect good <commit>
git bisect bad <commit>
git bisect (bad | good)
git bisect reset [<commit>]
git bisect start
git bisect good 3050fc0de
git bisect bad c191f90c7
git bisect good # Current commit is good
git bisect bad # Current commit is buggy
# ... some time later the bad commit will be printed
git bisect reset # Goes to the original branch

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