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Remove a file from the last Git commit

Have you ever made a commit only to realize that a file should not have been included? This is a common problem, yet it's fairly easy to fix. All you have to do is remove the file and then amend the last commit.

Simply, using git rm --cached <file> removes the specified <file> from the index, and git commit --amend updates the contents of the last commit without changing its message.

# Syntax:
#  git rm --cached <file>
#  git commit --amend

git rm --cached "30-seconds.txt"
git commit --amend
# Removes `30-seconds.txt` from the last commit
💬 Note

If you have already pushed your changes to a remote repository, you might be better off creating a new commit that removes the file, unless you're not on a shared branch and can rewrite history. In that case, you can use git push --force to update the remote branch.

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