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View Git commits that manipulated a specific string

Finding all commits that manipulated a specific string in a Git repository sounds like a pretty tricky task, if you don't know how to do it. Fortunately, Git provides a straightforward way to search for commits that manipulated a given string.

Using git log -S<string>, you can find all commits that manipulated the specified <string>. The -S flag is used to look for differences that change the number of occurrences of the specified string.

You can additionally apply any other valid filters to the git log command to further narrow down the search results (e.g. by date range).

# Syntax: git log -S<string>

git log -S<string>
# commit c191f90c7766ee6d5f24e90b552a6d446f0d02e4
# Author: 30 seconds of code
# Date: Tue Apr 6 11:11:08 2021 +0300
# [...]

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