Colorize text

JavaScript, Node, String · Nov 3, 2020

Adds special characters to text to print in color in the console (combined with console.log()).

  • Use template literals and special characters to add the appropriate color code to the string output.
  • For background colors, add a special character that resets the background color at the end of the string.
const colorize = (...args) => ({
  black: `\x1b[30m${args.join(' ')}`,
  red: `\x1b[31m${args.join(' ')}`,
  green: `\x1b[32m${args.join(' ')}`,
  yellow: `\x1b[33m${args.join(' ')}`,
  blue: `\x1b[34m${args.join(' ')}`,
  magenta: `\x1b[35m${args.join(' ')}`,
  cyan: `\x1b[36m${args.join(' ')}`,
  white: `\x1b[37m${args.join(' ')}`,
  bgBlack: `\x1b[40m${args.join(' ')}\x1b[0m`,
  bgRed: `\x1b[41m${args.join(' ')}\x1b[0m`,
  bgGreen: `\x1b[42m${args.join(' ')}\x1b[0m`,
  bgYellow: `\x1b[43m${args.join(' ')}\x1b[0m`,
  bgBlue: `\x1b[44m${args.join(' ')}\x1b[0m`,
  bgMagenta: `\x1b[45m${args.join(' ')}\x1b[0m`,
  bgCyan: `\x1b[46m${args.join(' ')}\x1b[0m`,
  bgWhite: `\x1b[47m${args.join(' ')}\x1b[0m`
console.log(colorize('foo').red); // 'foo' (red letters)
console.log(colorize('foo', 'bar').bgBlue); // 'foo bar' (blue background)
console.log(colorize(colorize('foo').yellow, colorize('foo').green).bgWhite);
// 'foo bar' (first word in yellow letters, second word in green letters, white background for both)

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