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Get, set or add styles to an HTML element with JavaScript

Style manipulation is one of the most common tasks when working with the DOM. JavaScript's APIs are quite robust in this regard, allowing you to easily retrieve and manipulate the styles of an HTML element.

Get the styles of an HTML element

In order to retrieve the styles of an HTML element, you can use Window.getComputedStyle(). The resulting value is a CSSStyleDeclaration object, which contains the styles of the element. Then, all you have to do is access the desired attributes.

const getStyle = (el, ruleName) => getComputedStyle(el)[ruleName];

getStyle(document.querySelector('p'), 'font-size'); // '16px'

Set the styles of an HTML element

Setting the value of a CSS attribute is just as simple, using the property. Again, you can access the desired attribute and set its value, similar to how you would with an object.

const setStyle = (el, rule, val) => ([rule] = val);

setStyle(document.querySelector('p'), 'font-size', '20px');
// The first <p> element on the page will have a font-size of 20px

Add styles to an HTML element

Given that the property is an object, you can use Object.assign() to merge any given styles object into the style of the given element. This allows you to add multiple styles at once.

const addStyles = (el, styles) => Object.assign(, styles);

addStyles(document.getElementById('my-element'), {
  background: 'red',
  color: '#ffff00',
  fontSize: '3rem'

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