Observe element mutations

OSCC · JavaScript, Browser, Event · Oct 22, 2020

Creates a new MutationObserver and runs the provided callback for each mutation on the specified element.

  • Use a MutationObserver to observe mutations on the given element.
  • Use Array.prototype.forEach() to run the callback for each mutation that is observed.
  • Omit the third argument, options, to use the default options (all true).
const observeMutations = (element, callback, options) => {
  const observer = new MutationObserver(mutations =>
    mutations.forEach(m => callback(m))
        childList: true,
        attributes: true,
        attributeOldValue: true,
        characterData: true,
        characterDataOldValue: true,
        subtree: true,
  return observer;
const obs = observeMutations(document, console.log);
// Logs all mutations that happen on the page
// Disconnects the observer and stops logging mutations on the page

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