Sum of powers in range

JavaScript, Math · Oct 22, 2020

Calculates the sum of the powers of all the numbers from start to end (both inclusive).

  • Use Array.prototype.fill() to create an array of all the numbers in the target range.
  • Use and the exponent operator (**) to raise them to power and Array.prototype.reduce() to add them together.
  • Omit the second argument, power, to use a default power of 2.
  • Omit the third argument, start, to use a default starting value of 1.
const sumPower = (end, power = 2, start = 1) =>
  Array(end + 1 - start)
    .map((x, i) => (i + start) ** power)
    .reduce((a, b) => a + b, 0);
sumPower(10); // 385
sumPower(10, 3); // 3025
sumPower(10, 3, 5); // 2925

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