Unwind object

Angelos Chalaris · JavaScript, Object · Apr 18, 2022

Produces an array of objects from an object and one of its array-valued properties.

  • Use object destructuring to exclude the key-value pair for the specified key from the object.
  • Use Array.prototype.map() for the values of the given key to create an array of objects.
  • Each object contains the original object's values, except for key which is mapped to its individual values.
const unwind = (key, obj) => {
  const { [key]: _, ...rest } = obj;
  return obj[key].map(val => ({ ...rest, [key]: val }));
unwind('b', { a: true, b: [1, 2] }); // [{ a: true, b: 1 }, { a: true, b: 2 }]

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