Join URL segments

JavaScript, String, Regexp · Oct 22, 2020

Joins all given URL segments together, then normalizes the resulting URL.

  • Use Array.prototype.join() to combine URL segments.
  • Use a series of String.prototype.replace() calls with various regular expressions to normalize the resulting URL (remove double slashes, add proper slashes for protocol, remove slashes before parameters, combine parameters with '&' and normalize first parameter delimiter).
const URLJoin = (...args) =>
    .replace(/[\/]+/g, '/')
    .replace(/^(.+):\//, '$1://')
    .replace(/^file:/, 'file:/')
    .replace(/\/(\?|&|#[^!])/g, '$1')
    .replace(/\?/g, '&')
    .replace('&', '?');
URLJoin('', 'a', '/b/cd', '?foo=123', '?bar=foo');
// ''

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