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Walk through a JavaScript object depth-first

Given an object with deeply nested keys, walking through its leaf nodes is a non-trivial task. Supposing that we want to visit each key in a depth-first manner, we can code a generator function to achieve this, by recursively visiting each key and its children.

To walk through a JavaScript object depth-first, you need to use a for...of loop and Object.keys() to iterate over the keys of the object. You can then use typeof to check if each value in the given object is itself an object.

If so, you can use the yield* expression to recursively delegate to the same generator function, appending the current key to the array of keys. Otherwise, you can yield an array of keys representing the current path and the value of the given key.

const walkThrough = function* (obj) {
  const walk = function* (x, previous = []) {
    for (let key of Object.keys(x)) {
      if (typeof x[key] === 'object') yield* walk(x[key], [...previous, key]);
      else yield [[...previous, key], x[key]];
  yield* walk(obj);

const obj = {
  a: 10,
  b: 20,
  c: {
    d: 10,
    e: 20,
    f: [30, 40]
  g: [
      h: 10,
      i: 20
      j: 30
  [['a'], 10],
  [['b'], 20],
  [['c', 'd'], 10],
  [['c', 'e'], 20],
  [['c', 'f', '0'], 30],
  [['c', 'f', '1'], 40],
  [['g', '0', 'h'], 10],
  [['g', '0', 'i'], 20],
  [['g', '1', 'j'], 30],
  [['g', '2'], 40]

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