Snippet List

  • every_nth

    Python, List

    Returns every nth element in a list.

  • is_contained_in

    Python, List

    Checks if the elements of the first list are contained in the second one regardless of order.

  • min_element_index

    Python, Math

    Returns the index of the element with the minimum value in a list.

  • months_diff

    Python, Date

    Calculates the month difference between two dates.

  • palindrome

    Python, String

    Checks if the given string is a palindrome.

  • tail

    Python, List

    Returns all elements in a list except for the first one.

  • take

    Python, List

    Returns a list with n elements removed from the beginning.

  • take_right

    Python, List

    Returns a list with n elements removed from the end.

  • Add a submodule

    Git, Repository

    Adds a new submodule to the repository.

  • Delete a submodule

    Git, Repository

    Deletes a submodule from the repository.

  • clampNumber

    JavaScript, Math

    Clamps num within the inclusive range specified by the boundary values a and b.

  • complement

    JavaScript, Function

    Returns a function that is the logical complement of the given function, fn.

  • copySign

    JavaScript, Math

    Returns the absolute value of the first number, but the sign of the second.

  • either

    JavaScript, Function

    Checks if at least one function returns true for a given set of arguments.

  • functionName

    JavaScript, Function

    Logs the name of a function.