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Creates a counter with the specified range, step and duration for the specified selector.

Check if step has the proper sign and change it accordingly. Use setInterval() in combination with Math.abs() and Math.floor() to calculate the time between each new text draw. Use document.querySelector().innerHTML to update the value of the selected element. Omit the fourth parameter, step, to use a default step of 1. Omit the fifth parameter, duration, to use a default duration of 2000ms.

const counter = (selector, start, end, step = 1, duration = 2000) => {
  let current = start,
    _step = (end - start) * step < 0 ? -step : step,
    timer = setInterval(() => {
      current += _step;
      document.querySelector(selector).innerHTML = current;
      if (current >= end) document.querySelector(selector).innerHTML = end;
      if (current >= end) clearInterval(timer);
    }, Math.abs(Math.floor(duration / (end - start))));
  return timer;