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Creates a pub/sub (publish–subscribe) event hub with emit, on, and off methods.

Use Object.create(null) to create an empty hub object that does not inherit properties from Object.prototype. For emit, resolve the array of handlers based on the event argument and then run each one with Array.prototype.forEach() by passing in the data as an argument. For on, create an array for the event if it does not yet exist, then use Array.prototype.push() to add the handler to the array. For off, use Array.prototype.findIndex() to find the index of the handler in the event array and remove it using Array.prototype.splice().

const createEventHub = () => ({
  hub: Object.create(null),
  emit(event, data) {
    (this.hub[event] || []).forEach(handler => handler(data));
  on(event, handler) {
    if (!this.hub[event]) this.hub[event] = [];
  off(event, handler) {
    const i = (this.hub[event] || []).findIndex(h => h === handler);
    if (i > -1) this.hub[event].splice(i, 1);
    if (this.hub[event].length === 0) delete this.hub[event];