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Mutates the original array to filter out the values specified. Returns the removed elements.

Use Array.prototype.filter() and Array.prototype.includes() to pull out the values that are not needed. Use Array.prototype.length = 0 to mutate the passed in an array by resetting it's length to zero and Array.prototype.push() to re-populate it with only the pulled values. Use Array.prototype.push() to keep track of pulled values

const pullAtValue = (arr, pullArr) => {
  let removed = [],
    pushToRemove = arr.forEach((v, i) => (pullArr.includes(v) ? removed.push(v) : v)),
    mutateTo = arr.filter((v, i) => !pullArr.includes(v));
  arr.length = 0;
  mutateTo.forEach(v => arr.push(v));
  return removed;