Snippet Collections

30 seconds of code provides a wide variety of snippet and article collections for all your development needs. Explore individual language collections or browse through collections about specific topics and programming concepts.

  • JavaScript

    Browse a wide variety of ES6 helper functions, including array operations, DOM manipulation, algorithms and Node.js utilities.

    Collection · 724 snippets

  • CSS

    A snippet collection of interactive CSS3 examples, covering layouts, styling, animation and user interactions.

    Collection · 112 snippets

  • React Hooks

    Discover a collection of reusable hooks for React 18.

    Collection · 49 snippets

  • JavaScript Algorithms

    Learn a handful of popular algorithms, implemented in JavaScript ES6.

    Collection · 35 snippets

  • Git

    A snippet collection of simplified git documentation and tips, covering most commonly-used commands and covering various use-cases.

    Collection · 83 snippets

  • JavaScript Interview Questions

    Prepare for your next JavaScript interview with this collection of interview questions and answers.

    Collection · 33 snippets

  • Python

    Browse helper functions for Python 3.6, including utilities for primitives, lists, dictionaries and date objects.

    Collection · 175 snippets

  • Node.js

    Discover a collection of server-side JavaScript utility functions for Node.js 18.x.

    Collection · 21 snippets

  • JavaScript Data Structures

    A guide to some of the most commonly-used data structures, along with JavaScript implementations and examples.

    Collection · 11 snippets

  • JavaScript Promises

    This snippet collection covers the basics of JavaScript promises and how to use them to handle asynchronous operations in your code.

    Collection · 8 snippets

  • JavaScript Comparison

    Comparing values in JavaScript is one of the most common tasks, yet it has a lot of things you should bear in mind.

    Collection · 11 snippets

  • HTML Head Basics

    Learn how to use the HTML head element to improve your site's SEO, social sharing, and user experience.

    Collection · 4 snippets

  • CSS Centering

    A collection of techniques for centering HTML elements in any situation using CSS.

    Collection · 5 snippets

  • CSS Manipulation with JavaScript

    Get started with manipulating CSS in the browser, using JavaScript.

    Collection · 12 snippets

  • URLs in JavaScript

    This snippet collection covers all the necessary resources to master working with URLs in JavaScript.

    Collection · 13 snippets