Perform an interactive rebase

Git, Branch · Apr 13, 2021

Performs an interactive rebase.

  • Use git rebase -i <commit> to perform an interactive rebase.
  • You can edit the rebase file to change the order of the commits and the action to perform for each one (pick, squash, drop, reword etc.).
  • You can optionally use the --autosquash option to automatically squash fixup commits.
  • If you have merge conflicts or stop to make changes, you can continue the rebase when ready using git rebase --continue or abort it using git rebase --abort.
git rebase -i [--autosquash] <commit>
git rebase -i 3050fc0de
# Performs an interactive rebase starting from `3050fc0de`

git rebase -i --autosquash HEAD~5
# Performs an interactive rebase of the last 5 commits,
# automatically squashing fixup commits

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