Move commits from master to a new branch

Angelos Chalaris · Git, Branch, Repository · Apr 13, 2021

Moves local commits from the master branch to a new branch.

  • Use git branch <branch> to create a new branch at the tip of the current master.
  • Use git reset HEAD~<n> --hard to rewind back <n> commits and discard changes.
  • Use git checkout <branch> to switch to the new branch.
  • Only works if the changes have only been committed locally and not pushed to the remote.
git branch <branch>
git reset HEAD~<n> --hard
git checkout <branch>
git checkout master
git add .
git commit -m "Fix network bug"
git branch patch-1
# `patch-1` branch is created containing the commit "Fix network bug"
git reset HEAD~1 --hard # Remove the commit from `master`
git checkout patch-1

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