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Find branches containing a specific Git commit

Commits are the building blocks of Git, used to track changes to a repository. They can be used to identify specific points in a repository's history, and can be referenced by their commit hash. But apart from finding a commit, how can you find all the branches containing it? This sort of information can be useful when you want to find out which branches contain a specific bugfix or feature.

Branches that contain a commit

As usual, Git has a simple solution to this problem. Using git branch with the --contains flag will print all the branches containing a specific commit.

# Syntax: git branch --contains <commit>

git branch --contains 3050fc0
# development
# network-fixes

Branches that don't contain a commit

Similarly, you can look for branches that don't contain a specific commit by using the --no-contains flag.

# Syntax: git branch --no-contains <commit>

git branch --no-contains 3050fc0
# master
# adapter-feature

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