Date range generator

Isabelle Viktoria Maciohsek · JavaScript, Date, Function, Generator · Jun 21, 2021

Creates a generator, that generates all dates in the given range using the given step.

  • Use a while loop to iterate from start to end, using yield to return each date in the range, using the Date constructor.
  • Use Date.prototype.getDate() and Date.prototype.setDate() to increment by step days after returning each subsequent value.
  • Omit the third argument, step, to use a default value of 1.
const dateRangeGenerator = function* (start, end, step = 1) {
  let d = start;
  while (d < end) {
    yield new Date(d);
    d.setDate(d.getDate() + step);
[...dateRangeGenerator(new Date('2021-06-01'), new Date('2021-06-04'))];
// [ 2021-06-01, 2021-06-02, 2021-06-03 ]

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